5,5 Years Kissinger@Kinepolis Antwerp 28/02/2015

KISSINGER banner (1)
Alert the Media/Book your babysit/Cancel your holidays!

At last……..5,5 Years Kissinger……

A Kissinger Ultramegadeluxe edition…

Inviting antwerp’s finest party concepts to bring you a mix of beats and strings, soul vs pulse, hiphop vs disco.
For every adult generation a sing-a-long or dance-a-lot.
’70, ’80, ’90….Nice and danceable? You name it..we play it

Mind the gossip, put on your could-be-a-moviestar outfit and get your dirty dancemoves to K i n e p o l i s(ex Metropolis).

Line up:

Concept Room 1:

Dwaallicht vs Marmer : S i l a s vs F a r i d

Krankenhaus : C o u l i e r vs G r e g o r S o u s a vs Dj J u p i t e r

Barefoot : V i s i o n M a c h i n e vs N a s t a s j a vs C h a r l o t t e D C

Fenix : T r i s h vs P i e r r e

Sunday Matinee : A r n e vs J o a c h i m vs L a u r e n s

Concept Room 2:

Kissinger invites

C l i t C l a p with R e s. Dj’s a n d G u e s t s

Kissinger Allstar Res.:

C.B B a n g vs N i c’ o V e g a s s ( M o r o d e r)

D i m i t r i B r u s s e l m a n s vs R o m e o (K i s s i n g e r)

T i m m y F r o m V e n u s (M i l l i o n a i r e, M a g n u s)

A x e l D a e s e l e i r e vs K i s s M y s t e r y G u e s t

D e e j a y S c h w a r z k o p f vs E r i c P o w a B ( B o t o x )

Dress suggestion: – No panic, this is not an obligation -

Dress up like your favourite star at a Vanity Fair Party or at an MTV party in the nineties.

Boys wear your best suit. Black & Silk with some colours might do the Trick. Be Dean or Brando. Be Pitt or Depp.

Girls wear those high heels again or be like Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Abril, Carmen Maura, Angeline Jolie, Francesca Neri or Lauren Bacall.
Be the Queen of the night.

Ticketsale starts on 30th January. Limited access.
Presale: €14(ex comm) / Doors: €20
Liftoff: 23.00
End: 07.00

Kissinger Bus leaving the city South interested in bus pick-ups or reservations? Email info@kissinger.be

Graphics: Til Roose

We thank TDW. Rip.

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